How to Handle Toxic Work Environment

Wednesday 20 February admin

_-659.tif If you’re working with cranky or antsy people who are negatively acting out toward you and others, then you are not alone. Study shows that 43% of the employed population has been targets of office rudeness.

Now, you should not put up with these negative people. Before you get home, try to rinse off the tension with a stress-relieving walk. Rudeness has a wave effect and it might infect your home. Taking home bad feelings can make things tense there. Likewise, chronic stress and negativity is a great health threat. It increases your blood pressure, the threat of lung problems and heart disease. Be positive and give stress the pink slip to avoid these chronic diseases. It is definitely bad for business also since those who’ve been targets of rudeness waste work time in worrying about and dodging the next attack.

If you are stuck in this kind of situation, you might want to try these helpful steps to bring back respect and rise above the ugliness:

- Apply the Golden Rule. Genuine compassion and kindness builds stronger connections. When you are tempted to gossip about a coworker, bite your tongue. Speak kindly, respect others and always look for the best in people.
- Try to outsmart that office jerk by protecting yourself and avoiding any verbal abuse by changing your break time.
- Get a support. If there is rampant rudeness at work, have a chat with the human resources or talk to your boss. Experts reveal that real change only comes from the top.
- Find purpose in all that you do. Renew your commitment to your work and find a new passion. This might make you nicer and help you ignore the ill effects of rudeness.